I wrote this on my Facebook Wall sometimes ago and I feel I should share it on my blog. Hopefully, my readers can learn a thing or two.

NOTE: You are not required to read this post. I’d probably sell it to you in the future.


I believe I now have your attention, which is all I need for the next 3 minutes to pass this piece to you.

So let’s get started.

Data. Data.. Data… 90% of “So-Called” marketers using any advertising platform be it, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Twitter ads and the rest tend to ignore that word DATA.


Because they don’t know how valuable it is to the real marketers.

Over the past few months, I have been monitoring a lot when it comes to how everyone run’s advert on Facebook (As Example).

The (90% people) just open Facebook ad’s manager, Write a shabby Ad copy, Use any image, Pick whatever campaign objective and start running ads, They then wait for the ad to perform miracles for them.

Funny enough they get small results. I know you are probably wondering why i said small result that’s because it is.

Do you know that on every single advert you run, You are supposed to learn about what goes on in the advert.

You are to learn what made such ad convert the way it is doing.

You are to learn why people like such advert,

You are to learn who are the set of people who like such ad,

You are to learn the kind of people who actually would love to see such ad again and again,

You are to learn how to cut ad cost from the information you have gathered so far,

You are to learn the gender that responds to your ads and why they did.

You are to learn the age range of people who responded better to your ads and why they did.

You are basically to learn everything about your advert.


PS: It’s not rocket science it’s easy to do. You just have to be willing to.


Now, why should you?

I could count at least 10 reasons why but i will be mentioning 2 for now.

So Two things !!!!.


1. Reduced Advert Cost = Better ROI: Running Adverts on various platforms have taught me that DATA, is as important as CONVERSIONS.

Reason being that the more you know more about your audience from either a failed or successful ad, You are actually storing the information you have gathered to create a better advert next time.

Your advert has to always be better than the last time. When you learn from the all your ads, You can simply apply this knowledge to create a well-targeted audience who will gladly opt-in to your offers or pay for your product.

Facebook see’s this since you are aren’t being “blind” and charge you lesser.

2. Know more about your audience = Better engagement / More Leads or Purchase: Every single advert is unique, you have to treat every single advert as a new way to learn about people (YOUR AUDIENCE), the more you know about them, the more you are about to provide them with they need, the more they feel more comfortable to engage with you.

I would love to break this further but voices in my head keep saying Tunde stop typing…

I have listened for now. Once they are gone, I will reveal to you that there is more to Facebook advertisement that you don’t know.

Stay Tuned.

PSS: You are free to ask me questions concerning this post, or anything related to what I do.

By I go. Let me leave you with this.

I do these 3 things for a living and I do them well.

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