Facebook Campaigns Case Studies - Work Done by my team and i.

Nice to see you are here for some proves of what I have done. I will try my best to share a few of them. But Please note that they meant to serve as proof of what can be done to your project nothing else. If you are one of the clients I ran this ad for, Please note, I’m sharing to clear the doubt of new clients. and I would never reveal the system I built for you based on our agreements. – Now that I have cleared the air. I will start with a few of my own. –

Arthritis Product Campaign

I’m currently running a campaign to sell arthritis product to targeted customers in Nigeria. Here is a recent advert I ran to a super specific set of people on facebook Since it’s a new audience. The AD budget was set to $5 per day and it ran for 10 days, reach 21,642 people on Facebook at $0.02 per click I spent $49.71 to test run that particular audience and it resulted in about 400,000 naira worth of product sales, which is a fair result considering the fact that I have gotten better results than that. That advert made me learn quite a number of information concerning my arthritis audience and how to target them better.

Make Money Online Campaign

Here is one of my best advert considering the fact that my targeting was set to people who are interested in a specific business model. So this advert was super targeted. It’s a personal webinar, I set up my campaign linked with my sales funnel, and boom shakalala, The result I got was massive. Got 174 customers information (Name, Email and phone number) in my first week and I ended up getting over 500 leads for my webinar. That image above showed that I got people to submit their information for as cheap as $0.14 per person. Can you imagine that? It’s super cheap considering other forms of advertising, compared to other advertising on the internet.

Forever Living Products Webinar Campaign

This campaign objective was to get contact information of people who will be interested in a joining a Forever Living. We ran the ad for a few days and got massive signups that we have to stop running the ad to attend to the signups. (Team Decision). We endup getting 418 customers information (Name, Email and phone number). That image above showed that I got people to submit their information for as cheap as $0.06 per person and how ad reached 23,123 people.

E-commerce Store Campaign

Take a closer look at the picture below because it’s a set of ads I’m currently running, I had to blur out a few things (So please don’t take it personal). It’s our ecommerce store, We have spent over $744 so far for this advert and have results of hundreds of products sales. The ecommerce store is comparising of various products and sales funnels to drive in sales.

Men With Sexual Problems Campaign

This adver is probably the most cheapest advert I have ran, Considering the fact that the audience are elderly men who have issue with sex. I ran this ad to sell a product to them and it went viral.. Over 1000 comments and 2000 shares.. It was super viral. I spent $15.04 and sold tons of product.. It was super crazy.. I still couldn’t believe that ad could go viral considering a couple of things. With this campaign, We grew our list to thousands. – Let’s stop here for now.. There are alot more and adding them here will be way too much.. This case studies are meant to give you an insight of what my team and I can do for you.

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