Learn How to Dominate Your Market Using Facebook Advertising Which Would, In Turn, Generate Non-stop Paying Customers For Your Business.​​​​​​​​​​​​


Never, Ever, Ever Waste Money On Facebook Advertising That Don't Get You Results Again!!!

From: The Desk Of Akintunde Felix

To: Entrepreneur / Business Owners who are interested in Facebook Advertising.

Hey It's Akintunde Felix, Here again. (that's a picture of me below teaching a class on Facebook Advertising in case you forgot😉 what i Look like😅)

(The Young man who dominates Facebook advertising to help local businesses generate none stop customers.)

I want to ask you a couple of question before you read further.

  • ✔ Do you believe you can get 100's if not thousands of customers daily using Facebook Advertising?
  • ✔ Do you have the ability to adapt to the ever-changing world of Facebook Advertising?

If you believe YOU CAN & YOU CAN ADAPT, then I have something special to share with you on this page.

Over the years, I have got understand that Facebook Advertising can be a blessing or burden to any business owner, It doesn't matter the market you are in, As long as you use Facebook advertising, One of these is bound to happen.

That's mainly because I have seen business owners use Facebook advertising to turn their business to an 8 - 9 figures a month business, and I have also seen business owner struggling to get any to no results.

My journey into Facebook advertising started in 2016 when I launched an affiliate store for one of the popular e-commerce sites in China.

I was looking into adding another income source to my WordPress website creation career, So affiliate marketing was one of the options I came across.

After research, I built the store thanks to my WordPress skills; Once I was done creating the store, I knew I needed to get people to visit my site to purchase from it.

I started to research about advertising. I got so many platform options but opted for Facebook advertising due to nature of my store.

I spent over $200 then testing several strategies, and NONE OF IT WORKED. I ended up wasting $400, + time.

Next, I picked another market towards the end of the year 2016, November to be precise, I spent $10 a day for 2 weeks, spent about $140 and got terrible results.

It was crazy because all this money were big money for me back then and to spend and not get a return was not motivating.

Just Imagine!, Over $600 (300,000) for a student and you'd know what I was like for me to spend and not get any returns.

Just like a gambler, I need to recover my losses and also figure out why it was working for others, and it was not working for me.

Thanks to a friend who kept on encouraging me, I continued testing till I finally found a breakthrough, Around December 2016, I ended up using about $20 (which was about 10,000 back then) to generate over 1 million naira ($2000) in product sales.

Ever since that breakthrough, I have spent over $80,000 in Facebook advertising, generated thousands of paying customers, including multiple 7 - 8 figures in revenue & profits for several businesses.

So If you are on this page, It means you are having either of these challenges, and you want help.

  1. ✅You have never run Facebook adverts before but want to learn how to.
    ✅ You have once run Facebook ads, but you got your money burnt.
    ✅You have been advertising on Facebook but the results haven't been good and you want better results.
    ✅ You want to upgrade your knowledge on Facebook advertising.

If this is you? I understand you perfectly and I want you to avoid any form of distractions & pay close attention.

That's Because I want to transfer to you over three years worth knowledge & experience in Facebook advertising to you.

The kind of knowledge I have in Facebook advertising is the kind that turns a business that has no potential online customer coming in from the internet to generating over 10,000 potential customers and 12 million in revenue all in the space of 2 months.

Over 10,000 leads generated using Facebook Advertising with constant inflow of new leads

Over 2,000 paying customers generated on paystack using Facebook Advertising 

Over 11,500,000 revenue generated on paystack in 4 months using Facebook Advertising 

The kind of knowledge I have in Facebook advertising is the kind that turned a business with 0 potential online customers to Over 100,000 Potential customers, Over 6,000 paid customers, and Over 20 million in revenue from online & bank payment all in the space of 4 months.

Over 20 million in revenue in 4 months

Over 90,000 emails generated using Facebook Advertising for a particular niche

Over 106,000 potential customers, over $34,000 in revenue

Over 106,000 potential customers, over $34,000 in revenue

High ticket niche leads at $0.13 cents while generating over 7,000 potential customers

High ticket niche leads at $0.08 cents while generating over $5,000 in profits

There are just too many results to share 😩😩!!!

My kind of knowledge is special. It's the kind of knowledge that has given me the privilege to work with clients from 14 different countries.

It's this kind of knowledge I want to pass onto you.

So That You Can achieve only 1 thing!
"To dominate your market using Facebook Advertising."

When it's transferred to you, 

  1. ☑ You would be able to use Facebook Advertising To Generate Non-stop customers who will gladly pay you.

    ☑ You would be able to outlast, outsmart and oust your competitions when it comes to Facebook advertising because you would have the knowledge they don't have.

So how do you dominate

Option #1

Hire a specialist (Me)

Not every business owner likes to get their hands dirty by worrying about constant updates, research and so much more.

Even though I hardly take more than 2 clients per month, working with my team & I directly would cost at least 400,000 naira ($1,200) a month depending on our agreement?

If you want my team & I to help your business dominate: Don't read further, CLICK HERE TO FILL A SHORT FORM.

Option #2

Facebook Advertising Domination Program

In this training program, I'd teach you how to dominate your market using Facebook Advertising. It contains over 30+ videos & several bonuses.

What's inside this program?

MODULE 1: Introduction to Facebook Advertising.

In these module, You'd discover:

  • ✅ What to expect when it comes to Facebook Advertising

    ✅ The Tools You need to get started, (Credit card, Image or video editor, website)

    ✅ What Facebook Advert Can do and can't do.

    ✅ Examples of Facebook Formats and samples

    ✅ and so much more.

MODULE 2: The Beginning.

In these module, You'd discover:

  • ✅Difference between Facebook Page Vs Facebook Profile (Including which one to use for advertising)

    ✅How to create a Facebook page tailored to for your business.

    ✅Important things to note after creating your business page.

    ✅How to add your credit card to your Facebook account for billing.

MODULE 3: The Creation.

In these module, You'd discover:

  • ✅ What are Campaign Objectives & Why you should use the one tailored for your goal?

    ✅ How Facebook Ad is structured

    ✅ What are Facebook ads placement & How to use them in your adverts?

    ✅ How I write killer Facebook ads text (copy) that brings in non-stop sales & customers.

    ✅ How to create your first Facebook advert for your business..

MODULE 4: The Customers.

In these module, You'd discover:

  • ✅ How to research using my template to understand your customers.

    ✅ How to use the Facebook Analytics Tool for research & targeting.

    ✅ How to use google trend for targeting

    ✅ ​What you need to understand about Targeting and How to target the right audience for your business

    ✅ Network Marketing Market Targeting Sample.

    ✅ Coaching Market Targeting Sample.

    ✅ E-Commerce Market Targeting Sample.

    ✅ Health Niche Market Targeting Sample.

    ✅ Real estate Market Targeting Sample

    ✅ and so much more.

MODULE 5: Going Advance With Facebook Advertising

In these module, You'd discover:

  • ✅ Introduction To Facebook Pixel (What it is, How it works, It's benefits)

    ✅ How to create a Facebook Pixel and also include it inside your website.

    ✅ How to use your customer list to create Facebook Custom Audiences.

    ✅ How to scale your advert to reach more people and get more customers.

    ✅ and so much more

What People Are Saying About This Program...

The Most Comprehensive FB ads training Course...

If you're reading this, I highly recommend you grab the Facebook Ads Domination Program. It is the most comprehensive FB ads training course I have seen in a while which you can take to learn the ins-and-outs of how to set up a campaign, gives valuable tips on strategy and show you how to convert people to buyers from Facebook. Plus the shorter video format makes it so easy to learn in short chunks during a regular business day or in evening. If you sell anything on social media, get this course. You'll be glad you took the decision

Ronald Nzimora //  Director, BuyWell Properties Limited


Awesome, bro. Even though I've been advertising on facebook for years, I still learned some new things. 👍🏽

WALE ADEKILE //  Founder & Blogger,  geek.ng

Great course!...

I love it because it takes time to explain into details everything you need to know about Facebook ad platform, without leaving anything out.

So if this is your first time trying Facebook ads, you are in good hands with this course.

PATRICK OGIDI //  CEO, Netfame Marketing & Ecomtycoon

Comprehensive Program...

Everytime I have issues when it comes to Facebook ads. the first person I go to is always Mr Felix. Through him, have been able to have a much better understanding when it comes to running profitable ad campaign for my business most especially when It comes to Facebook. Hes always my number one go to person and you should get on his well detailed and comprehensive program that he just launched.

ADEMILUYI DAVID //  Founder, visaguycode

The Messiah Of Facebook Advert...

I usually don't do these but my dear heart will not let me rest nor sleep well last night after the training. I want to let you know you are the messiah of Facebook advert, You break everything down to its simplicity and redefined the way I see Facebook Advert.

May God bless your knowledge and give you more wisdom to inspire. Thank you so much.

BOLADALE BARLYS  //  Business Owner

So Is This Program Right For You?

Who is this for

  • Struggling Business Owners
  • Struggling Facebook Marketer
  • Struggling Network Marketers
  • Struggling Startups who want to run in-house Facebook adverts for their business
  • Struggling Coach / Consultants
  • -Struggling E-commerce store owner 
  • Struggling Real estate advertiser
  • For anyone who is interested in using Facebook or Instagram to get constant supply of customers.

Who is this not for

  • Anyone looking for a MAGIC button to push to get customers
  • Anyone Lazy and not ready to implement what is inside the training program.
  • Anyone who don't want customers. 
  • Anyone who doesn't speak or understand English language.

Anytime Refund Policy

Yeah, It's the first time someone will offer an anytime refund policy. This means, even if you buy this training now, You can request for a refund at anytime or any year only if you used everything in this course and you didn't get any result from it. If this happens, we will find a way to find out why, and if after that, nothing changes, You'd get your FULL REFUND, and you get to keep the training materials.

How About I Sweeten The Deal

I want to make sure you wouldn't doubt me when i tell you my only goal is to teach you to dominate your market when it comes to Facebook advertising.

access to my premium Facebook Group  (50,000 naira Value)

This is going to be a separate group that will kick off in the next couple of weeks. You'd get more information first hand about the powerful information's I would be sharing in the group.


My Custom Made Customer Research Document (10,000 Value)

This document combined with an exclusive training video will help you understand how your customers interact on the internet, and also help you get a clear message for them. It's a GOLDMINE tool I have used to generate thousands of customers for my clients and me.


My personal most priced Facebook advert swipe files (50,000 Value)

The collection of top performing Facebook ads i have collected over the years for business in various niches. It's one of my most priced assets. 


VIDEO: How to stay safe with Facebook advertising if you sell grey products


VIDEO: What to do when Facebook Flags your account, For security reason or policy violation.

Get The Facebook Advertising Domination Course with all it's bonuses

₦25,000 or $79

All Currencies accepted, Including Bitcoin. You can also pay from anywhere in the world.

Words from people I have worked with...


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

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How can I get a refund?

What if I want support from you or your team?

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