Over the past few years as a marketer, I have got to know that every detail matters when it comes to running ads for your offers.

I could remember when I first started and I didn’t care about anything except to run ads and wait for people to take action. Sometimes I get good results, and sometimes It’s a disaster.

Every advanced marketer knows that details matter when it comes to advertising.

So today I would be sharing my thoughts on what I feel is the best time of the day to advertise on Facebook.

The timing works hand in hand with knowing your audience, If you don’t understand your or how they engage, your timing will be inaccurate.

The best time of day to advertise on Facebook

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For instance, You have a product that sells to people who are old with a specific health condition.

For you to be aware of what the best time to engage with this set of individuals, You need detailed analysis about them. From what time they mostly login, to what time of the day they are expected to sleep, to wake, to eat, to take a nap and so much more.

The more you know your audience, the better.

Here is what I do to find the best time of the day to advertise on Facebook.

For every new audience I’m targeting, I run traffic for the whole day for a few days.

The results I get, I then tweak my campaigns to fit the exact time my audience react best to my ads.
i.e. I run an ad of sometimes $5 for a day and leave it to keep running for at least two days to gather enough information about my audience.

I prefer to leave the ads running for three days.

Inside this information, I get to see the best time of the day they react best to my ads, once I have that, I tweak my ads to run at those specific time of the day.

Here are two reasons why you need to know the best time to run your ads,

  • Better Return on Ad spend: When you see the exact time your audiences are responding better to your ads. You will get cut down the cost of running an advert for the full day and run ads for those specific time of the day.
  • Better Reach: Since you already have the time of the day your customers will be online, You will be able to run ads for that period, and by so doing, Facebook will push your ads better during those intervals to get to more people.

So more people get to see your ads better.


Timing is crucial especially when you plan on scaling your ads and also get better ROI.

I hope with what I have written. You will get to pay more attention to details and run a better advertisement.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts with me below.

By I go. Let me leave you with this.
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